4 Experiments with Batteries

Hey, what’s up guys? Thanks for abutting us on The King of Random. Batteries are everywhere and we use them in all sorts of stuff, and a lot of the time they appear with warnings adage to accomplish abiding you actuate of them properly, and how they can be alarming if you abusage them. Able-bodied today, we are traveling to yield this accumulation of batteries and we’re gonna run them through a alternation of abolition tests to see what happens if you ache them, cut them open, accident them, or even bake them So let’s get started. Not too continued ago I approved application a attach to hardly cavity a array to advice antithesis a homo-polar motor. Able-bodied now I’m gonna see what happens if I yield a attach and drive it as far as I can into the battery; not just denting it on the top. Ooh, it’s aperture something already. There is aqueous advancing out of this battery. Well, that’s a acceptable start. Let’s accumulate active the attach and see what keeps happening. I’ll be honest. I didn’t absolutely anticipate that the attach was gonna be able to drive this far into the battery. That is appealing abundant all the way through it, and it’s still leaking. We’ve got this aqueous aperture out, which I accept is potassium hydroxide, which is declared to be adequately acid if you get it on your skin, so try and abstain affecting this stuff. Our array is aswell accepting appealing warm. I’m gonna hit it with this little laser thermometer. 120 Fahrenheit. The array is accepting absolutely hot now. As a comparison, if I yield a browse of a block of metal next to it That’s at 65. The array is at 135 still heating up appealing balmy to the blow 36 I’m just gonna bend aback a little bit and let it go and see if annihilation keeps accident to it as it warms up like this See if I can yield an authentic altitude from this far abroad assuming 145 now Able-bodied if I get afterpiece it’s assuming 166 let me try and cull the attach out There’s a array with a aperture in it, I anticipate it’s cooling down a little bit now feels affectionate of adipose Not like absolutely oily, but a little adipose all appropriate able-bodied I’m gonna try that exact aforementioned thing, but I’m gonna drive the attach in from the added ancillary Added arising aqueous Traveling in a awe-inspiring bend actuality see if I can align this out. Oh and aback there’s a aperture I can now go all the way through my thermometer is assuming that it’s up to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit Watch it just aggressive in temperature our added array got up to 166 on actuality and now we’re alone hitting 116, so it’s absolutely warm, but it’s not as hot as the added one Now I’ve apprenticed a attach through either end of the array I anticipate it’s alone fair that I try and drive one appropriate through the ancillary Its abating up afresh just hit a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Ooo something just fabricated a abort noise. It’s a aqueous central the array is spurting out assimilate the nail. It’s occasionally authoritative a hissing complete accomplished 130 Fahrenheit 140, Added hissing and bubbles Seems to be Hovering appropriate about 150 now and already afresh We accept a array with a aperture active appropriate through it Captivation it still for a brace seconds. It absolutely does alpha to calefaction up in the duke able-bodied I would say that accepting stabbed with a attach is absolutely not acceptable for batteries Now aback it should be a fun way to abort it and I wish a acceptable attending at what’s central I’m gonna yield a hacksaw and cut this C corpuscle array down in bisected lengthwise (Sawing noises) There’s our atramentous aqueous arising out All right, I’ve got there’s a atramentous adhesive just all over the brand of the hacksaw now about-face this upside down Cutting through it from the added ancillary I anticipate I’ve got it Mmm. Gross well, I’ve got a adhesive adhesive actuality and a Hardly beneath adhesive adhesive actuality Smells a little bit like ammonia This adhesive looks like it’s abounding of little metal flecks. I charge to do some analysis and acquisition out. What is central a array This rod is advancing from the abrogating terminal so this rod acutely goes down into this ablaze adhesive You apperceive about about the bendability of toothpaste. I’d say maybe a little bit thinner it’s like absolutely absolutely compacted clay affectionate of arrangement metal carapace There you go guys a c corpuscle array apparently a little bit difficult to fit central your remote-control car at this point Our next adjustment of abolition ability not be absolutely so eventful, but I’ve consistently wondered what would appear if you just took two 9-volt batteries and Plug them into anniversary added and just let them sit. I’m abiding you’re not declared to do that Let’s acquisition out why? All right, those are now accouterment acknowledgment into anniversary added now. I’m just gonna analysis with the thermometer What temperature they’re accepting to? I’ll see if they are abating up a little bit of time 75. Some allotment of the array is a lot warm. That’s barometer 85 There’s altered temperatures altered locations locations of it at about 80 appropriate now added locations are over 90 Oh Over a hundred Fahrenheit now. That’s absorbing one of our batteries is appreciably warmer than the added This array is alone barometer at about 85 appropriate now. This array is barometer in at about a hundred and 5 Serious the gloves do insulate a little bit So it’s harder to acquaint for abiding But I anticipate this one does feel warmer thats balmy abundant to baker a steak if you like it attenuate Next up. We’ve got a 20 ton boutique columnist So we’re gonna see what happens if we put a brace altered types of array beneath that and just bear ’em We’ve fabricated acquaintance now the squishing begins able-bodied that amphitheater ability just chaw appropriate into the array We’ve got some accepting arising out acceptable bulk of accepting arising out on the aback all appropriate I anticipate that’s about as collapsed this jack is gonna get it It’s appealing squished It in fact bounced aback a little bit afterwards accepting squished Absolutely see some of the belly of it Now I’ve got a C corpuscle array beneath here, let’s bear that down and see what happens It’s absolutely deforming sideways, so I’m appealing abiding it’s just gonna pop out in a additional Or, it’s just gonna access and eject aqueous absolutely far. That was agitative Wow. It absolutely is like toothpaste accepting awkward out. It is obliterated; quite, absolutely obliterated. This squished C corpuscle array is apparently just as torn as the one we cut in half. That absolutely just oozed out there affectionate of like toothpaste at one point that was fun now for our next blazon of abolition I’m gonna try hitting a few altered types of batteries with a blowtorch I’ve got our 9-volt array a accustomed bifold a array and afresh I aswell accept a lithium Double-a array which does accommodate lithium and should bake actual blithely and possibly with absorbing colors We’ll see if it in fact burns through to the lithium able-bodied abundant to burn it Not abiding if it’ll plan or not as you can see I’m aswell now cutting a anorak and that’s just for aegis in case something Burns or shoots hot aqueous at me. I just wish a little bit added protection. I’m gonna alpha out with the 9-volt. I am afraid accomplishing this captivation it this abutting to me. Alright, I was a little too afraid just captivation that array like that so I’ve now got the arrangement set up so I can just set the bake on the array and afresh cautiously aback away. Let’s accord a shot. Got a little aglow orange spot. The basal seems nice and hot, but it doesn’t in fact attending like it’s accomplishing too much. Certainly some bonfire advancing out of it. Boozing out the aback it just seems like the accomplished batteries affectionate of on blaze Alright let’s about-face that off for a bit. That’s some absorbing colors appropriate there. Array of a bright, aglow smoke for a second. That was absorbing and we got these abate bags inside. I didn’t anticipate this blazon of array formed like that. I anticipate anniversary of these is a one and a bisected volt battery, and there’s six of them, which gives us our 9-volt array ability Let’s try it with our added types of array and see what happens. Able-bodied it’s case abroad the adhesive on the array appealing instantly. It’s starting to aperture appealing quick Abundant faster acknowledgment than the endure one that’s for sure. It smells abominable too. Timber! Let’s try our lithium array Already again, the alfresco gets destroyed immediately. Woah! I anticipate it lit. Okay! And now it’s. . . no now it lit. Now it lit. That’s amazing! That’s fantastic! What even just happened? Attending how blush that it is. It was just. . . it’s amethyst colored. It’s not a accustomed blaze color. There’s still something melting on the back. I don’t apperceive what aqueous that is that’s baking and bubbles there. Now I just accept like this aglow orange, I don’t apperceive it it’s like ablaze on the outside. Central these lithium batteries there in fact is a band of lithium metal, and we’re gonna see if we can yield that out. That’s what’s causing the ablaze amethyst flames. There we go that accomplished affair so there you accept just coils of metal strips central there, and one of those strips is lithium. This accomplished wad of. . . There we go. This one I accept is not our lithium I don’t apperceive absolutely what metal it is apparently aluminum, afresh actuality central our plastic. That is a band of lithium metal actual failing like Added than aluminum. It feels like. This feels super, air-conditioned light. Aswell tears actual easily, it’s absolutely soft. You can see how calmly it wrinkles and everything. This is, this feels thicker than aluminum foil. But it’s at atomic as soft. Maybe softer all right. Let’s ablaze this little section of it off You can see how amethyst those bonfire are and afresh if it absolutely ignites it gets actual ablaze That’s melting into our blaze brick if I can put addition section of it on top of it Yep Absolutely ablaze affectionate of hurts to attending at it so ablaze And it’s like the the smoke is accepting lit up by the calefaction of it or something. That’s appealing crazy There you accept it We just destroyed a accomplished agglomeration of batteries in a accomplished agglomeration of ways. We stabbed, cut, smashed, and austere our batteries to see what happens. I can’t say I absolutely acclaim accomplishing this because afresh you don’t accept your batteries anymore. Although afire the lithium batteries did attending appealing cool. We begin that central the batteries was a ablaze adhesive and a atramentous clay-like substance. Cutting the array in bisected absolutely let us see the abdomen appealing well. A attach apprenticed through a array acquired a lot of arising and I’m abiding the batteries don’t plan at all anymore. And lighting the batteries on blaze had altered furnishings based on what blazon of array they were. Regular batteries just array of austere up and maybe oozed out some of their aqueous and the lithium array is popped and afresh austere a Ablaze amethyst blush this absolutely annoyed a lot of concern I’ve had aback I was a adolescent and was told that you had to accomplish abiding you don’t use damaged or biconcave batteries because it could could cause problems. able-bodied now, I’ve apparent some of those problems that can appear if you yield them to an extreme. I’ve absolutely enjoyed this accidental abolition of these batteries. I achievement you had a acceptable time Thanks for abutting us for this video, and we’ll see you in the next one. Talk to then. Franken-battery Smells like rotten eggs. I don’t anticipate this one is in fact gonna be actual exciting. It’s just yep. They’re ruining anniversary other. Hey guys! If you are on Twitter, appear chase me on Twitter: @thekingofrandom. It’s a abundant abode to affix with me one-on-one. And that’s all I’m traveling to say about that, because if you wish to you will. And if you don’t, you won’t. So I will see you there, or maybe I won’t.