Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later

It’s the video abounding of you accept been allurement for for some time now. Ever aback I appear the video about my solar console arrangement on my home beforehand in the year, and my acquaintance with the accession and activity assembly I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an amend on how it’s going. By a lot of people. Well, it’s time. How abundant activity assembly accept I been seeing? How abundant money accept I spent adjoin how abundant I’ve saved? I’m traveling to awning it all. But afore we dive in yield a moment and hit the subscribe button, so you don’t absence out on approaching videos like this one. I’m Matt Ferrell … acceptable to Undecided. I had my solar panels installed in September of 2018 and angry on at the alpha of October. It was a connected and fatigued out process, but appealing beeline forward. You can analysis out my antecedent solar console video for abstracts about that experience. On that video, as able-bodied as my videos on activity storage, I’ve gotten a lot of comments about how solar isn’t annual it because you’re not accepting activity on blurred days, if it’s snowing, or can’t reside off-grid and it alone works in assertive locations. There’s usually a asset of accuracy in those comments, but they all absence the bigger annual for why solar works for so abounding people. For me accurately … I reside abreast Boston, so knew traveling in that my solar assembly during the winter months would be beneath than ideal. My home and the surrounding ambiance is aswell a bit arduous with copse blocking the backward afternoon and aboriginal black sun. My ambition has never been to be 100% on solar. For my specific bearings that’s not possible, but it ability be for abounding others. My ambition is to get as abundant activity as I can from a renewable and acceptable resource; to abate my carbon brand as abundant as I can; and do it in a financially amenable way that works for me. So accept I been accomplishing that goal? The lath is still out, but things attending like they’re on the appropriate track. It was a little anti-climactic axis on my solar panels for the aboriginal time aback it was a backing day in October. I aswell knew whatever I saw that ages was alone traveling to bead the afterward ages aback we were branch into winter. My arrangement is managed by Enphase, which has an “okay” app for blockage top akin abstracts for circadian production. The way my arrangement is set up, I don’t see down-to-the-minute assembly numbers, but that hasn’t agitated me too abundant because I aswell accept a Sense activity adviser installed. I accept a video on the Sense, too, if you’d like to see added on how it works and my adventures with it, but it’s a appealing air-conditioned arrangement that lets me see absolute time abstracts for my home activity use and solar console production. Amid the two I accept some abundant abstracts for allegory forth ancillary my electric bill. One of the accepted capacity that’s appear up in a lot of comments is the bulk of maintenance. It’s still aboriginal days, but so far my bulk has been … zero. That’s not to say there’s been no budget on the system, but I haven’t had to pay annihilation out of abridged to accrue the arrangement up and running. Over the winter we had a bulk of acceptable snow storms that dumped a lot of snow on the roof. What I begin was that ablaze snow about didn’t stick to the panels at all and broiled abroad about as fast as it landed on the panels. Heavier snow would accrue just like a roof afterwards panels though. If the sun came out aural the next day or two, we’d generally acquisition mini avalanches of snow as the panels austere themselves. Our roof was bright far eventually than my neighbors afterwards panels. A few times I pulled out a roof rake to bright off the panels bound to try and aerate our solar production, abnormally if the sun was animated afresh afterwards the storm. I accept a baby abode and can ability about 90% of the panels from the arena with my roof rake. It took about 15-20 annual to bright aggregate off, so wasn’t too abundant of a chore. (Shoveling abroad the snow that fell is addition story…) In the warmer months you’ll apprehension pollen and dust accretion if it hasn’t rained in a while. If it gets absolutely coated, you ability alpha to see a accessory hit to activity assembly efficiency, but I haven’t. In my breadth it’s rained frequently abundant that I haven’t had do any chiral cleaning. I did it already to see how difficult it would be, but all it took was a quick aerosol from a garden hose. To be added baptize able I bought an adapter for my roof rake that has a mop and duster head. I still haven’t had to use it though. We did accept two abstracted incidents breadth the solar panels chock-full bearing electricity, which was throwing errors in the Enphase system. My solar installer came out appropriate abroad and bent that my AC abstract about-face was malfunctioning. The aboriginal time out they switched aggregate off and on afresh to get it working. The added time out they concluded up replacing the adulterated about-face and aggregate has been alive altogether since. Searching at the activity assembly from the alpha of October, you can see a bright trend. My solar assembly starts at about 250 kWh for October, but bound drops to a low of about 100 kWh in December. This low aeon connected through February, but added amazing is if you attending at the assembly numbers adjoin the burning numbers. We’re about application amid 700 – 1000 kWh per month. And afore anyone says annihilation in the comments, yes that’s high, but it’s not out of band for the boilerplate home in the United States. Activity attention is as important as apple-pie activity production, but that’s a abstracted video. To say that I was aflame to see how my assembly would yield an advance in the bounce would be an understatement. I was like a kid agilely apprehension Christmas morning for my Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Ambit Model Air Rifle. March is if aggregate took a abrupt about-face with assembly hitting about 670 kWh, which meant March covered two-thirds of our activity use. Footfall into April and May and things backward adequately constant for production. Aback April we’ve been affair or above our activity use from our solar panels. For me the highlight was if my wife couldn’t stop bedlam if she opened the April electric bill and saw that we owed $10.94. Analyze that to the antecedent year at $233.40 … you can apparently accept why she was laughing. Our June bill is the aboriginal one with a acclaim of $38.36 on our account, which a lot of acceptable agency we won’t accept a bill to pay in July, either. If you footfall aback you’ll see a sine beachcomber arrangement arising for our solar production, which agency I can accommodate a appealing acceptable appraisal for what the blow of the summer and aboriginal abatement will attending like. Depending on how it plays out over July through the alpha of October, it’s searching like we may appear in about the low 6,000 kWh ambit for the year. The appraisal we accustomed from our installer was 6,615 kWh for the aboriginal year, so I ahead we’re traveling to abatement a little shy of the estimate. If that turns out to be the case, it’ll be disappointing, but not a admiration … and it’s aswell alone bisected the story. For the added bisected of the adventure we charge to attending at the money. Here’s a attending at our electric bill’s kWh over time. All the way through 2018 up until June. Beyond the lath you can see that we’ve done better, abnormally already you hit March. For the absolute electric bill bulk it looks actual similar. The basin amid what we’ve paid in the accomplished bounce and summer vs. what we’re paying now is substantial. Just in electricity costs we’ve apparent $929 in accumulation from the antecedent year, which accounts for a 48% bead from afore solar panels ($1919). But if you wish a truer apples to apples price, it’s simple to annual the bulk per kWh the panels accept been generating. Just yield the bulk per kWh and accumulate that by the kWh’s the arrangement has been producing. Aback we’re on abounding net metering, we’re accepting abounding acclaim for all of the solar ability we’re application or putting aback into the grid. That’s $873 so far. If you add in the SREC program, which are credits paid out for how abundant electricity you put aback into the grid, that adds addition $1,136 on top of that. We accept a 10 year solar accommodation that has had a minimum transaction for the aboriginal year of $148 a month, but we didn’t alpha paying for that until December. If we retroactively cycle those payments aback for October and November, you’d be searching at $1,332 in accommodation payments for the aforementioned time period. That’s a lot of numbers I just threw at you, so let’s breach this down at a top level. That’s $873 in solar production, added $1,136 for SRECs, bare $1,332 in accommodation payments. We end up absolute by $677 so far. If we didn’t accept SRECs, we’d be $-459. Would that beggarly it’s not annual it? For me, no. Paying the minimum on the solar accommodation will pay it off in 10 years, but we’re not accomplishing that. We’ve in fact been overpaying the accommodation already to get it paid off beforehand than 10 years. That will abate the accommodation absorption we’re accepting to pay and advice the solar panels hit breach even sooner. The solar panels are warrantied for 25 years, but can be accepted to plan able-bodied above that timeframe as well. So again, even afterwards SRECs the arrangement would hit breach even and about-face a little accumulation afore its accurate end of life. And as abundant as humans like to authority up allurement programs and subsidies as to why solar panels don’t work, we do accept them. Already you put those numbers aback into play, you can see that we’re in fact accepting money aback from our arrangement today even with our minimum accommodation payment. That agency our out of abridged costs for the arrangement are abutting to a ablution for the accommodation aftereffect aeon appropriate now. Our accommodation transaction and electric bill are counterbalanced out with the solar activity assembly and SREC credits beyond the accomplished nine months, and that should authority accurate for the year. So what about the arrangement axis a profit? What is the aftereffect period? Like I’ve said before, it’s still a little aboriginal to acquaint for abiding because I’d like to accept at atomic one year of abstracts for that. However, bushing in the blanks for those few months we’re missing, here’s how it’s searching appropriate now. Our arrangement bulk $29,609 for a 9.49 kW arrangement fabricated up of 26 LG 365 watt panels. In my antecedent video I had said we were traveling to get a $9,883 tax credit, but that was a typo. It should accept been an $8,883 tax credit. Already we got that acclaim aback on our tax acquittance we anon activated it to the solar console loan, which agape the final bulk we’re paying off to $20,726. Depending on the bulk we pay off the accommodation it could be abutting $6,800 in absorption over 10 years, which is why we’re paying it off faster to abate that amount. For the annual of the numbers here, I’ll accrue that absorption in actuality for a absolute of $27,526 on the loan. We’re accepting $126.22 a ages in SREC credits for 10 years, so we’ll be seeing $15,146 from that. That leaves us on the angle for $12,380 out of pocket. But again you accept to attending at the money we’re extenuative on our electric bill. We were spending about $2,600 a year on electricity, but will a lot of acceptable be spending about $1,100. That’s a accumulation of $1,500 in the aboriginal year. If we affected that electricity prices won’t admission (they will) and my panels will aftermath the exact aforementioned bulk for those 10 years (they won’t), again I’d be searching at $15,000 in accumulation over the aboriginal 10 years. That would beggarly the solar panels will accept accomplished their aftereffect aeon in about 8 years, which is appropriate in the ballpark of what we affected afore accepting them installed. Yes, there is airheadedness in there because of the bulk of electricity and bargain console ability over time, but I’m putting that to the ancillary for simplicity. In reality, I don’t ahead it’s traveling to change that anticipation abundant at all. In the U.S. electricity prices accept risen by 15% over the accomplished 10 years, which is about $0.02 per kWh per year. But that varies depending on the region. In my breadth specifically, prices accept added 10% in the accomplished 10 years. And beneath my console warranty, they’re affirmed to aftermath at atomic 88.4% of their aboriginal efficiency, which agency you’re talking about a .5% bead anniversary year. If anything, I’m traveling to see the banknote bulk adored in electricity admission anniversary year because of how bound the electricity prices are ascent … not a bead because of a accessory abatement in console efficiency. Again, depending on the bulk of electricity and afterwards the SREC credits, I’d be searching at a aftereffect aeon afterpiece to 13 years (not including interest). And if I aswell didn’t accept the tax credit, I’d be searching at afterpiece to 18 years. No amount how I broken the numbers, I consistently came out with my specific solar console accession earning it’s money aback afore the system’s end of life. So accept I accomplished my ambition to get as abundant activity as I can from a renewable and acceptable resource? To abate my carbon brand as abundant as I can and do it in a financially amenable way that works for me? Yes. Financially appropriate now we’re in the aforementioned ages to ages position as we were afore solar panels, but we’re accepting the annual of abbreviation our assurance on deposit fuels for our activity use. In addition 8 years or so we should accept the arrangement absolutely paid off and axis a tidy little accumulation for us traveling forward. So far, so acceptable … but I’ll be befitting a abutting eye on my arrangement and how it’s captivation to those predictions over time. I don’t ahead any aliment costs to bandy this off by too abundant either, but time will tell. Now, if you’re absorbed in traveling solar, I acerb acclaim blockage out EnergySage for analysis and articles, which is a absolutely chargeless service. They accept abundant write-ups and reviews of altered solar panels, inverters, and solar tech that can be advantageous no amount breadth you live. But if you reside in the U.S. and are absorbed in traveling solar, you can get quotes from installers by application my Energysage portal. You can bung in your advice and appeal quotes from solar installers, which all get funneled into your EnergySage account. You don’t accept to anguish about accepting abounding with buzz calls. It makes it simple to analyze installers, bulk estimates and activity assembly quotes in one place. And installers aswell accept chump rankings and feedback, so you can acquisition a acclaimed and acceptable superior installer. I’ve acclimated it myself and can vouch for how able-bodied it helped me through the process. So what’s your experience? Jump into the comments and let me apperceive how your solar console arrangement has been assuming for you. Affair expectations? And if you don’t accept panels but wish to get them, what’s captivation you back? 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