I have been working on an invention!

For several years now I have been trying to get an invention that would help eliminate carbon from fossil fuels.
I need to secure funding to do a patent search and to make an application along with building a prototype to show it works.
The invention will be installed on all internal combustion engines that will remove 96% of all carbon and replenish oxygen back to the atmosphere. I also have several new style wind energy that works in all kinds of wind and will produce power 24-7 and not harm the birds like the current wind generation does. I cannot go into any detail now until I have patent searches and patent applications filed, this is why I need to secure funding to get my world-saving energy into production.
Pyradome research and development are also working on many other projects that will benefit society and the world. I am not accustomed to asking for money but this is just too important not to get this project underway and moving toward the future.