To understand why we need efficient alternative energy strategy.

Just imagine a sealed room with a couple dozen people that smoke. After a while,more smokers come to join the first. As more and more people join in the air is no longer breathable. Somebody thinks of opening the window!
However, the room has no windows! The room is planet Earth. It is a room with no windows because we cannot cut open the sky and let the harmful gases out.

We no longer provide for ourselves. We live in a system that provides.

Our basic needs require the involvement of institutions and companies. TVs, microwave ovens, computers, are all common things to our lives. We also require hot water and we are
accustomed to have it whenever we wish.
The vehicles that take us from here to there require fuel. All of these were invented to help but now are harming our environment and we are slowly killing ourselves and the planet!

Moreover, there was no problem when there were only a few people that created the pollution because there was plenty of room inside. However, as the population increased so did the stress place on the environment and our health.

This is where we are heading. Towards a world spoiled by our own habits.
There are some that say that we still have enough time to fix things. There are others who say that all we can do is to stop harming our planet.
A few people depending on fossil fuels are not as problematic as billions of us doing so. Once upon a time, there was only one car in the world. The first one. Also, there
once was only one factory, one power plant and so on. They were few and the consequences of their activity were not visible.

The issue of pollution can no longer be ignored. It is hard to imagine that our ancestors once managed to cope with their natural surroundings by simply using
sun for light and heat, the wind to sail, while the force of water washed and ground
their grain.
Of course our needs as a society are now different than the past but we need to face the facts: the age of fossil fuels is close to its end. This is for two reasons.

First, petrol and coal deposits are getting scarce. Second, because of their mass usage they become harmful for our health and the planet.
Official, credible statistics show us that we use fossil fuels to create over 90 percent
of our world’s energy. But just as fossil fuel powered machines were invented to
make our lives more comfortable and easy, other means of producing energy are
required in order to keep to the standards we are accustomed to, while not destroying
our Planet.

One of the main arguments to develop alternative solar-based technology (just like wind, or water based ones) is the fact that most of the worlds oil supply comes from unstable regions of the world.
There is over 10 trillion metric tons of coal underneath our ground, worldwide.
Enough to last us for several hundred years. However, petroleum and natural gas deposits get alarmingly low. They would last for 100 years, at most. Reachable petroleum and gas reserves will be depleted by the end of this century.

The truth is that if fossil fuels would suddenly disappear, civilization as we know it would come to an end. The good thing is that we already know that fossil fuels reserves are getting scarcer, and technologies meant to replace them are being invented.

The process to completely replace fossil fuels from our daily lives will take decades. There are billions of people using fossil fuels to power their daily lives and millions of these use their own oil-fueled generators to do so.
On the other hand, over two billion people worldwide do not have access to a common utility like electricity.

However, there are advantages that renewable energy has over conventional energy: solar technologies can provide energy to these communities,because even if the people have no access to pipes or power grids, they have sunlight they can have electricity thanks to the invention of solar panels.

Electricity availability around the globe is increasing by leaps and bounds Besides sunlight, wind and water power can also be harvested and used to power our machines. Lots of effort and money also goes into bio-fuels, because they also help us on our quest to self sufficiency.

Scientists will develop more efficient ways to generate electricity. There is lot of money
spent on making fossil fuels less polluting and even more money on developing new ways of producing energy.

Due to technological progress, renewable energy is more affordable now than it was at the beginning.
Statistics show that renewable energy is now even cheaper than it used to be. One
kilowatt-hour of energy produced by wind turbines used to cost 40 cents, but now it costs less than 5 cents. Other renewable energy sources became less expensive too.
Alternative technology is not yet widespread however,new inventions and methods are being developed. But,we are just at the beginning of a new, alternative energy based revolution. efficient alternative energy systems, and renewable energies can successfully replace everything fossil fuels offer in terms of energy services.

The new age,of alternative energy is just at its beginning. And this means that many people can stand a chance in finding out ways to energy independence.

As far as wind is concerned, the main drawback is that a wind turbine requires a lot of space. An average wind farm requires 17 acres to produce 1 MW of electricity, so
this would mean 17 acres to produce electricity for 750 to 1000 homes. Indeed,
people can use the land beneath wind turbines. Many bird deaths have been
reported because they collided with wind turbines and wires, and this is another

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